Industrial Iron Castings

Counterweights and Ballast Weights

Taylor Foundry Company has been producing industrial iron castings for the agricultural, energy, construction, transportation and municipal markets for more than 90 years.  During the early 1950s we applied focus to the counterweight market, especially counterweights for the agricultural market.  Since that time, we have produced counter weights and ballast weights for every U.S. manufacturer of farm tractors as well as a variety of construction equipment and implement manufacturers.

  • Farm Tractor Counterweights and Ballast Weights
  • Roller Rings and Packer Rings
  • Construction Equipment Counterweights
  • Weights for Lawn Mowers, Floor Scrapers, and Material Handling.

Specialty Castings

  • Boat Anchors - Marine Ballast
  • Pump Housings - Energy Production
  • Valves - Sleeves - Valve Bodies - Housings
  • Robotic and Boom Ballast
  • Bascule Bridge Castings
  • Elevator / Lift / Floor Crane Counterbalance
  • Stage Weights and much more.

Municipal Products

  • Manhole Rings and Covers
  • Service Boxes, Meter Boxes, Valve Boxes, Cleanouts
  • Catch Basins
  • Grates, Reversible Frame, Reversible Ring, Angle Grates, and more.
  • Inlet lids, Pipe Inlet, Locking, Non Locking, Storm Drain, Curb Throats.

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Only a small sampling of our products are discussed here.  We encourage you to contact us or visit our capabilities page to learn more.

Tractor Weights

Tractor Weight

Tractor Weights

We produce farm tractor weights for Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as for our own TAYFYCO® line of counterweights and ballast weights.



Design and Produce

We can facilitate complete product design or work from your existing ideas or drawings.



Construction Equipment

From Skid Steers to Excavators.  We produce counterweights and ballast weights for construction and material handling equipment.  Contact us for more information.




Cast Iron Meter Boxes, Grates, Valve Boxes, Catch Basins, Telecom Products and more.



Weldment Conversions

Convert complicated and labor consuming weldments to cast iron. We can help.



Specialty Castings

We can produce a wide variety of cast iron products.  Contact us with your ideas, drawings or requirements.  

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Raw Material Sourcing

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